Coursework: UT

Information science courses undertaken at the University of Texas-Austin between Fall 2007 and Spring 2009 for my minor. Professors names are included in parentheses.

  • INF 304 – Introduction to Information Studies (Ann Minner)
  • INF 322T – Children’s Literature (Amanda Williams)
  • INF 327E – Behind Information Design (Antony Cherian)
  • INF 327E – We Like to Watch: Surveillance (Lance Hayden)
  • INF 327E – Security & Safety in Cyberspace (Lance Hayden)
  • INF 350E – Technologies of the Book (Michael Winship)

And a non-information science course that nonetheless covered relevant, similar material.

  • STS 331 – Technology & Culture (Shanti Kumar)

I majored in history, and my courses for this degree broadly fall into 3 categories: history of media, history of science, and 20th century history in general. If this list seems a little short, it is because I brought in history credits from high school.

  • HIS 365G – Religion in America since 1945 (G. Howard Miller)
  • HIS 323L – Europe since 1919 (Karl Brown)
  • HIS 342C – Postwar Japan (Mark Metzler)
  • HIS 306N – History of Media: Print to Internet (Karl Brown)
  • HIS 322D – Scientific Revolution of the 17th Century (Bruce Hunt)
  • HIS 322C – Cultural History of World Science to 1650 (Roger Hart)
  • HIS 350L – History of Globalization (Mark Metzler)